Patient Info

Patient Information

On this page you will find links to information about different anaesthetics and what you should expect on the day of your operation.

Your anaesthetist can provide a general anaesthetic, sedation, spinal anaesthetic or a combination of these. Your Anaesthetist may also use a variety of pain relief techniques in addition to using a range of pain relieving and anti-sickness medicines to make you comfortable after your operation.

On the day of your operation

On the day of your operation  you will meet your Anaesthetist on the ward before your operation. They will ask you about your general health and any previous experience of operations or anaesthetics. Occasionally they will want to examine your chest and heart. After discussion with you they will recommend the best anaesthetic tailored to you and your procedure and briefly explain the benefits and any possible complications.

We would prefer that you are completely comfortable with the anaesthetic plan. Please express any concerns and ask any questions when you meet your anaesthetist on the ward.


After your operation

After the operation your Anaesthetist will visit you in the theatre recovery or on the ward to check that you are comfortable, well and recovering as expected. For most patients this will be the end of our personal contact with you.

For patients with continuing needs requiring our expert advice, your anaesthetist or a colleague from Fylde Anaesthetists, may also visit later that day or on subsequent days if the need continues.

Eating and Drinking

No food or drinks with milk

There are firm recommendations and important reasons to ensure that you have not eaten any food or  consumed any drinks containing milk for 6 hours before your anaesthetic. Please read and comply with the starvation instruction within your admission documentation.

Drink water (only water) at home

It is also very important to keep hydrated before your operation so we recommend that you drink water (only water) at home until you leave for the hospital.
When you are in hospital your Anaesthetist or the nursing staff can advise on whether or not you can continue to drink water (only water) in the hospital.

After your operation if you feel thirsty and have no sickness we would encourage the majority of patients to start drinking as soon as possible.


Learn More

We would encourage you to learn more about the different types of anaesthetic their benefits and complications by browsing and clicking on the links below taking you to information provided by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthetists.

We recommend that you read this short leaflet giving you general information about anaesthesia it’s benefits risks and complications in you and your anaesthetic.

View more detailed information about anaesthesia in Anaesthesia explained.

View more detailed information about a spinal anaesthetic in Your Spinal Anaesthetic.

View information about anaesthesia choices for Hip or Knee replacement surgery in Anaesthetic for Hip and Knee surgery.

View information about anaesthesia for your child in Your child’s general anaesthetic.

Anaesthesia for Heart Surgery

During your heart surgery you will be looked after by a cardiac anaesthetist who is a specialist in caring for patients during cardiac surgery. Your Anaesthetist will meet you prior to your anaesthetic and discuss the operation, post operative care and pain relief options available to you. During your operation they will often perform an ultrasound of your heart to enable the surgeon to optimise the procedure. Following your surgery, your anaesthetist or a colleague from Fylde Anaesthetists will also manage your care in the cardiac intensive care unit.

All cardiac anaesthetists in Fylde Anaesthetists have specialist training in cardiac anaesthesia, cardiac intensive care and echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart).

View information about you anaesthetic for heart surgery in Your anaesthetic for heart surgery

We hope that you find this information helpful if you have any particular concerns or question not covered in these documents then please contact us.

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